Takoyaki and Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Osaka

10 Dec

I stumbled upon this video on YouTube of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain’s visit to Osaka and the Kansai region as part of his travel food show No Reservations. Though this episode aired six years ago, it’s still a great look at the neon excitement that is downtown Osaka.

Bourdain visits a baseball fan club serving sushi to a restaurant where everything is deep fried on a stick, all the while showcasing the city’s love of food and how Osakans may differ from Tokyoites. He, of course, samples Osaka’s specialties — okonomiyaki, which I described recently, and takoyaki.

Takoyaki - balls of octopus fire. (From: yourjapanesemenu.blogspot.jp)

Takoyaki – balls of octopus fire. (From: yourjapanesemenu.blogspot.jp)

Takoyaki are fried balls of batter and octopus. I was interested in trying takoyaki when I arrived. Fried seafood — how could I go wrong? It was not what I imagined. Instead of a crispy, crunchy ball, the inside is all goopy and has a strong seafood taste. And as Bourdain mentioned, they are HOT. The vendor warned me so I let them cool for a good five minutes before trying. It tasted like a goopy ball of octopus fire. I’m willing to give them a second try though!

Part 1 of No Reservations in Osaka:

Part 2 – Bourdain eats his way across the city with some annoying sidekicks.

Part 3 – Bourdain also travels to the Kiso Valley for the Obon festival, asks rural Japanese what their last meal would be. Most respond – soba.

Part 4 – Includes a great statistic about the crime rate in Osaka and a lively baseball game.

Part 5 – A visit to a quality sushi restaurant, the perfect end to a food tour of Osaka.

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  1. Sarah February 1, 2013 at 11:07 am #

    Have you watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi? Sarah dreams of meeting that ancient man and tasting everything on the menu in his Tokyo restaurant.

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