Surprising Japan

17 Oct

Japan, as it turns out, is a captivating country, a kaleidoscope of ancient traditions swirling alongside modern technology. It is a land of creativity, of hip funkiness and conservative beauty, of business efficiency and dizzying fantasy. It is a place that can pamper your senses, often in the most unexpected ways.

Love this description. This article, “5 ways Japan will surprise you“, posted today on CNN Travel really captures the juxtapositions in a country like Japan. Conservative, yet creatively stylish. Huge cities with quaint little corners. Rooted in ancient traditions but with futuristic technology possibly unknown in the west.

I’m mostly surprised that this travel writer didn’t find Japan particularly intriguing before she went!

Photo from CNN Travel.

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  1. Steven Myers November 29, 2012 at 9:27 am #

    i wish my copy of joanne kyger’s japanese journal was here. i think it’s in storage, but anyway,
    there is your japan now!
    i too find it hard to believe someone could not be intrigued by japan.
    i bet you they were sober when they said it.

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