A sporty night out — Spocha in Osaka

25 Jun

One of my group of friends’ favourite way to spend a night out, besides karaoke of course, is going to spocha. Spocha is pretty much any game you can think of for a set price… and there’s karaoke if you get restless.

We go to the Round 1 just south of Dotonbori, which is open 24 hours a day. When choosing how long to play, I would recommend going for the all night option. A two or three hour pass costs about 2000 yen ($20), but for a few hundred yen more you can play all night and not have to worry about late charges. The prices do seem to vary on what time you enter though.

The rollerskating rink at Spocha. I see at least one person on the ground.

The rollerskating rink at Spocha. I see at least one person on the ground.

After paying for the bracelet, you have five floors of entertainment to make your way through. The options seem endless and I doubt any person has played every game in the place in one night. The first floor welcomes you to the mayhem with bowling, pool and bull riding. For sports, you have team games such as soccer, volleyball, tennis and basketball on fairly good sized courts with nice squishy balls. There’s also dodge ball if you take the volleyball nets down and make your own court as my friends and I did in a fairly intense game one night. There are many games to play on your own or with a small group — darts, ping pong, archery, mini golf and batting cages.

Soocer or footie, depending on where you're from, at Spocha.

Soocer or footie, depending on where you’re from, at Spocha.

And there’s also the place that a select few of my friends and I shine at — the rollerskating rink. Apparently Canadians rock at rollerskating (I wonder why?). As every time we go, the Japanese seem to clear the rink and watch us in amazement while calling for rolling-by high fives. This while our gaijin friends from other countries are sore on their butts or clinging to the rails.

If you’re especially lucky you may witness the skating rink turn momentarily into a mini motorbike track. I sadly haven’t had the chance to race these yet.

For those less inclined to sweat, there is a whole floor dedicated to video games, with both new style games and arcade classics like Pac Man. This floor also has a children’s play area with ball pit, which I sneak into every time, powerful massage chairs with comic books to read and the aforementioned karaoke rooms.

Each time I go I’m so shocked that this much fun can be had under one tall roof for $20. One of the many, many reasons why Japan is fantastic.

Visit the Round 1 website (in Japanese) for more information and locations.

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